Saturday, April 11

Monster Vs. Aliens

"Hey, just wanted to post something here at our blog spot. I wanted to share our bonding moment today at Trinoma."

Days before, ate Zi and kuya Norms were planning to watch Monsters Vs. Aliens with the whole family plus boyfriends/ ex/ friends or whatever we could call them. I thought it was only a plan and i guess it was wrong since it came true. The only thing that did not come true was the time they planned to leave the house. We were late by about an hour so we waited for the next show instead. While we waited we ate our lunch at Bigoli and waited for others to arrive. It was a short moment that we were able to have bonding, there were only lunch then the movie. After the movie, dete and kuya norms went home and the rest of us went window shopping around the mall. Jin went to Gilmore a few minutes after since he had to do something. After a few hours, we also went home since we don't have money to spend and ate needed to go to home asap at that momment.

It was a short while but it was a good memory to treasure and hoping we would be doing it again someday, maybe not with the ex's/ boyfriend/ soon to be/ friend, but as the three sisters and our cuzin max.